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Empowering Youth and Families to live a

“Purposeful Life” 

Center of Empowerment for Families and Youth, Inc is committed to diminishing the risks of underserved and at-risk families. We do this by promoting and providing an all-inclusive program which addresses the mental, physical, social, and spiritual needs of our constituents.



We are shaping the future of individuals by educating them on self-love, discovering new knowledge, and sharing our resources to create a positive impact on their lives. 


Our broad array of vibrant programs are central to the impact of our youth, because the key facets of our mission- education, social skill development, & sportsmanship- comes together in ways that extend the reach and impact of everything we do. We invite our youth & their family to break barriers and be committed to creating a social change through dedication and leadership.  Through our quality programs and supportive workshops, we teach young people life and leadership skills by way of strong mentors and positive role models. Our goal is to ensure that we create a positive atmosphere that will lead them in the best direction to make sound educational plans and career goals.

Core Values

We believe every day is a gift and an opportunity to positively impact the world around us. So all our dealings and interactions are centered on things we can be proud of today, tomorrow and twenty years from now. These principles are embodied in our core values which are:

Integrity: This is the basis of our individual and collective actions. We are accountable to the people we humbly serve, transparently contributing our quota to making the world a better place.

Inclusion and Diversity:

We are mindful in our approach and we treat everyone with respect and dignity. We are true to our mission and vision while embracing diverse perspectives without judgment.

Passion: Our belief is to improve the quality of life of people within our reach. We love what we do and putting smiles on the faces of people give us joy.

Excellence: We challenge ourselves to achieve the highest level of professional excellence with results the create lasting impacts, while helping young individuals live their best lives.

Empowerment: We are focused on achieving holistic well-being of those we serve and helping them live functional and empowered lives.


The Center of Empowerment for Families and Youth was incorporated in 2008 to assist children who are at risk for abuse and their families.  The Center was established to honor the vision and qualities Mary Robinson Harris instilled in her family and others more than 60 years ago. 

Mary Robinson Harris dedicated her life to serving at-risk populations and advocating for abused children and their families.  Her purpose was to help families break the negative cycle of abuse and to empower them to move in a positive direction. 

The organization's Board of Directors, founders and staff are committed to continuing her legacy. 

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