Advocacy. Educating. Global Impact. Leadership 

We would like to extend a heartfelt welcome from our Board of Directors, Staff, and volunteers of 

Center of Empowerment For Families & Youth, Inc.. 

COE was born out of the qualities and values that our organization’s Family Matriarch, Mary Robinson Harris, imparted in her community and family.   We are dedicated to seeing her vision come alive and her legacy live on.  Here at COE, we are committed to serving the needs of individuals locally and globally. 

Center of Empowerment For Families & Youth, Inc. is dedicated to providing services to enrich the lives of our youth through advocacy and education. 

To better serve our communities and our constituents, we collaborate with law enforcement, social services, and/or other community organizations to ensure that they receive the best services there is to offer. You will find that COE has a supportive community with a wealth of opportunities for personal growth and at-risk prevention. We aspire to strengthen each person's confidence- at every point in their life.

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